4 Amenities to Incorporate Into Your Luxury Home Design


While a luxury home can be designed according to your specific tastes and requirements, many luxury homes share a few defining features. These include high-quality construction materials, spacious rooms, great architectural design and sophisticated landscaping.


Aside from the common aspects of a luxury home, the amenities are really where the “luxury” comes in.


Every luxury home is unique because the amenities that are deemed to be luxurious depend on the homeowner. Amenities can include entertainment rooms, indoor pools and wine cellars. Here are some ideas you can bring to luxury custom home builders in Toronto for a home that fulfils your definition of “luxury”.


Smart Technology

Smart technology is a great addition to a luxury home if you value convenience and efficiency. Some ideas for technological innovations that can be installed by luxury custom home builders in Toronto include network-connected systems, equipment and appliances. These features allow you to access and control your home remotely. Additional smart home features include motion sensor lighting and automatically-adjusting thermostats and curtains.



The greatest luxury a person could have is a space in their home dedicated to relaxation. You can either design a bathroom to have spa-like features, or have an individual spa room. The focal point of a spa room is typically a large bathtub that is separate from the shower—the ultimate symbol of relaxation. Your spa room can also have touch screen mirrors, dimmed lighting and alcove walls.


Fitness Facility

Instead of travelling to a gym on a regular basis to exercise, you can have a personal gym built by luxury custom home builders in Toronto. Your personal gym would have the equipment you specifically need, as well as any extras such as televisions, wireless speakers and a sauna. Many homeowners also desire an indoor pool or tennis court for recreational purposes. It’s never a bad idea to invest in your own health and fitness!


Security System

Two essential aspects of their home that all luxury homeowners should invest in are security and privacy. Luxury homes can be a target for burglary as their exteriors advertise the appliances and amenities contained inside. One way to avoid a break-in is by having a monitoring system installed in your home that is connected to a 24/7 security service. More innovative security measures can be built into homes that make use of smart technology, such as network-connected security cameras.


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