4 Hot Trends When Building Custom Homes in Toronto

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Home designers have seen a constant change in design trends both for renovation and new build. To keep up with the changes in style and interior designs, homeowners find it best to renovate or construct new custom homes in Toronto.


Here are some hot trends for you to consider when you plan to renovate or build anew.


Minimalistic or casual design

Gone were the glorious days of busy artworks and decors on walls, and a minimal or casual overall design is in. Fewer and simpler pieces of decorative items create a more cohesive look. Also, clean lines within the decoration will complete the minimalistic style of custom homes in Toronto.


The comeback of florals

Many years ago, everything was seemed to be made with floral prints. Such design is making a comeback now with a little twist. Florals are printed with contrasting colors for more interesting aesthetic appeal. They can be found on almost all the interior elements at home, from pillowcases to curtains.


Colorful accents

Accents play an important role in completing the entire appearance of custom homes in Toronto. Color of accent pieces are changing and for this year, rich colors are expected, specifically plum purple and mustard yellow. They can complement well with white and black or grey and brown. They create a perfect accentuation with neutrals. 


Richer color in the kitchen

Among the biggest trends in homes is putting more color into kitchen cabinets. You can choose to alternate the color of wall and base cabinets or opt for one bold color for the entire cabinetry. Your options are limitless but most often, a strong neutral color such as dark blue, dark grey or black is perfect for base cabinets. While for upper cabinets, a lighter shade is ideal. You can decide to use any color you prefer to customize the look of your kitchen. 

These are just some of the design trends to watch for when it comes to building new custom homes in Toronto or renovating existing ones.

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