Breaking the Rules When Designing Your Custom House in Toronto


When you have a plan to build your new custom house in Toronto, interior design is one of the most important factors to consider. Similar to other forms of art, there are so many “rules” that shouldn’t be broken. However, the most fascinating interiors were created by breaking those rules. Designers themselves proudly admit that they’ve broken some of the biggest interior design rules. The results are fantastic and were even adopted by many homeowners. These five interior design rules are just begging to be broken when building your custom house in Toronto.

Rule #1: Windows Must Be Covered

Covering a window with a drape or blind is not always necessary. Many homeowners spend a lot of time and money on windows so why cover them up? While the obvious answer is privacy, some rooms don’t necessarily need to be covered. Consider leaving those windows uncovered and let that natural light brighten your interior!

Rule #2: Choose Artwork That Matches The Surrounding

An art piece should not always draw out the style and color of the rest of its surrounding. In fact, selecting an artwork that is in contrast to the rest of the space would make for a great interior design feature. For example, you can add a modern art piece to a rather vintage, classic-looking room in your custom house in Toronto to achieve an interesting effect. 

Rule #3: Do Not Opt For Natural Materials in High Traffic Areas

Many would avoid choosing natural materials in places with high traffic such as hallways or living areas. But if you want such areas to have stories to tell, then it is perfectly fine to use limestone tiles.

Rule #4: Wallpapers Will Be Outdated

While many people believe this to be true, there are a lot of wallpaper designs which are considered timeless. These wallpaper designs can work very well with any trend you choose for your Toronto custom house. While others would still contest that wallpapers get worn or vandalized by children, the same thing can happen to paint. Have a look at various wallpaper materials and designs. You might find something that suits your room!

Rule #5: Never Mix Different Metals

When designing a kitchen or bathroom, it is a common misconception to not mix different types of metals in one room. However, mixing different types of metals might create a beautiful design. For instance, you can choose to combine gold hardware with a chrome faucet. This is fine, especially if the result is amazing and adds a unique feature to the room.

If you want to build a custom house in Toronto that matches your style, these five rules are very easy to break. Don’t let the norm by your limit. Thinking outside of the box might reward you with a fantastic interior design. You can always find the best way possible by contacting RDA Homes to turn your dream home into a reality. We will provide you with a customized home, built exactly to your unique style and specifications.


If you want to build a custom house in Toronto that matches your unique style, breaking these rules might be something worth doing.

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