Choosing The Right Style with Your Luxury Custom Home Builders in Toronto


From its bustling city streets to its quaint neighborhoods, Toronto is a beautiful place to live. If you’re looking to find some place in the city, then we at RDA Homes, the best luxury custom home builders in Toronto, can build you the home of your dreams.


Our luxury custom home builders in Toronto are fully capable and happy to take on any home building project you might have!


We at RDA Homes understand how important a dream home is to homeowners across the province. In a city like Toronto, there are a number of different areas to build, and seemingly countless possibilities to choose from regarding materials, designs, and home styles.


Here are some of the best styles that our luxury custom home builders in Toronto can help you out with:


  • Earth Colors – While there are so many possible options, your kitchen walls and base cabinets may have black, dark gray or dark blue colors. You can have the lower cabinets be darkly colored while the upper ones can be painted with a lighter color like white. This is to create a monochromatic mood as well as to emphasize contrast!
  • Rich Colors and Neutrals – The constantly changing colors used in the interior of Canadian homes have been evolving. However, the current trend is like plum purple or mustard yellow. This should be combined with popular neutrals like black, white or gray.
  • Florals – While florals were popular in the retro era, this style has returned in recent times. The revival has currently affected beddings, curtains and other forms of linens in the house. Such designs spell beauty and tranquility to your interior.


As one of the best luxury custom home builders in Toronto, we at RDA Homes offer our clients with top-quality home building services to realize your dream home. We take pride in our highly experienced staff as well as our skilled experts. If you’re looking to build your dream home in Toronto, feel free to give us a call today!

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