Considerations Before You Commit to Your Design with Toronto Luxury Home Builders


As Toronto’s luxury home builders with decades of experience, we have seen trends – aesthetic and structural – come and go in an almost cyclic fashion. Where an open plan would be preferred for a few years, the swing towards a more ‘contained’ and cosy space follows soon after for the next few. As it turns out this is a function of what buyers perceive to be luxury at that point in time.


Toronto’s luxury home builders are here to give flight to your creative vision. Which is why you should consider all your architectural and aesthetic options before committing.


Toronto luxury home builders can offer any number of combinations and permutations in the design of your home. We can implement any material old world or revolutionarily new for finishes. And we can suit your home to your exact needs. But what we find often is that homeowners are themselves not always sure of what all aspects of the house’s design they need to consider.


In this brief list we look at some key elements that you must deliberate over before finalizing the design with your Toronto luxury home builders.


  • Open plan or closed – ‘Open plan’ or a house which does not segregate the various living spaces with walls or other partitions has been a common theme for a number of years. Its benefits are purported to be a large, airy space which can promote greater interaction. On the inverse is the closed plan home, where areas like the drawing room, the dining area and the kitchen are clearly segregated. This offers more privacy. Which suits you and the space you have available best is one to ponder over.
  • ‘Chef’ kitchen – ‘Chef’s’ kitchens or built-in kitchens have been standard features that are requested of Toronto luxury home builders. These incorporate all appliances into the home’s décor and usually have a central island on which to work. Fashionable and trendy as they may, some people prefer the convenience, ease of maintenance and more natural space that a more traditional kitchen provides. Don’t forget, with a chef’s kitchen also come the food smells which will waft through the house – whether you like that or not.
  • Spa bathrooms – Spa bathrooms, another term for ornate, opulent or just luxurious bathrooms, are fast become a preference of homeowners. Larger spaces than usual, spa bathrooms allow a greater degree of freedom of expression and Toronto luxury home builders have a lengthy catalogue of free-standing bath tubs, shower configurations, heated fixtures and fittings and more.

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