Current Colours and Pattern Trends in Luxury Custom Home Builders in Toronto


Toronto has been ranked one of the least affordable cities in North America. The main catalyst to this designation is based primarily on what is deemed the “housing bubble” in which housing costs continue to steadily increase while wages remain stagnant. For many homeowners a potential cheaper option is to renovate.


What Are Some Popular Styles for Luxury Custom Home Builders in Toronto?


So you’ve made the decision to renovate and want to see the potential of what your space could be. Maybe the functionality of your home isn’t up to par with modern reno trends and you’re looking for a drastic change. Either way – renovating adds value to your home and it’s important to search luxury custom home builders who will make the most of your renovation allocation budget by maintaining a timeless and modern luxury yet purposeful remodel.

Here are some of current colour and pattern trends for luxury custom home builders in Toronto:

  • Contrasting Colours  – black, dark grey, or dark blue colours may appear as accent walls or as accent colours on the lower cabinets, while a contrasting lighter shade such as an eggshell white may appear for the upper cabinets.
  • Rich Colors and Neutrals – Using purples like plum, or yellows like mustard offer a pop of colour to spaces that offer a lot of natural light. These more neutral shades are used in tandem with more neutral shades such as black, white, or gray.
  • Floral Patterns – For a pattern that is ultra on trend – make the most of florals in the current era of retro revival. Use floral patterned fabrics and textiles to outfit the curtains, pillow cases, and throws in your space.

A Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction

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