Custom Builders in Toronto: Consulting and Advising


Building a custom home has many moving parts involved in its entire process. From budgeting and inspections, to designing and building, there are a lot of things that go into the building of a house. This is why you need custom builders in Toronto that not only know how to build, but also to advise!


Our custom builders in Toronto can provide a range of services, from consulting and management, to design and construction!


Consulting is an important service that great custom builders in Toronto should offer. As previously stated, there are many things involved in building a home. The general process can be very difficult at times, and if you don’t have the proper expertise, something can go horribly wrong along the way!


When you work with us at RDA Homes, we have the expertise, experience, and skill to guide you through the entire process. Our custom builders in Toronto are prepared to offer advice on many home building processes such as:


Site Visits and Evaluations

When you scout out a lot that you want to build your house on, it’s important to know that everything is up to code, and that when construction is commencing – that everyone involved are doing the best that they can. We’ll to visit your worksite and evaluate the construction practices being done for your future home to ensure that everything is going smoothly.



Before building a home, we first have to design it! We can provide advice on any and all designs for your home. Whether it be advice on the general layout and floorplan of your home, or the specific finishes and materials used during construction – we want to help you achieve your goals in designing and building your dream home.


Problem Resolution

Problems are bound to come when it comes to a process with all these moving parts. At RDA Homes, our custom builders in Toronto are here to help. Whatever home building problem you might have; our experienced staff is sure to provide efficient solutions.


So, if and when you’re looking to build a new home, trust our custom builders in Toronto to provide great advice on any home building issue you might have. Our company has been built on over 17 years of luxury home building experience, so you know that you can trust us in providing the best service for you.

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