Custom Home Builders in Toronto: Top 5 Design Trends


As we move forward through 2018, we believe these custom home design trends are here to stay. When you are deciding on your own custom dream home, sometimes you might fall into a design rut. Be sure to keep an open mind to our list of trendy ideas for help and inspiration that our custom home builders in Toronto love!


Here are the top five design trends that custom home builders in Toronto love:


  • Natural Warmth of Wood: As technology takes over the interior design of houses, homeowners desire for more natural, handcrafted elements to offer a balance between an industrial and technological feel with the homey, classic appeal of wood and nature. Wooden floors, shelves, furniture, stairs, accent beams, and natural-coloured cabinets have become popular this year.
  • Modern Metallic Accents: A monochromatic theme has been trendy this past year. This is how metallic finishes have become the perfect way to provide a visual pop and a dimension to an otherwise simple and natural colour palette. Metallic fabrics, for instance, add life and modernity to a grey-scale themed room.
  • Bolder Colour Accents: Custom home builders in Toronto have seen a rise in popularity of monochromatic greys, whites, blues, and natural colour palettes for new homes. However, intense accent colours are now becoming in demand to add a pop of colour. Intense and bold colours add more fun and spice up the modern look and feel of a room, while keeping the elegance and modernity of your home.
  • Paneled and Textured Walls: Patterned and textured accent walls are a great way to introduce visual interest to neutral colour theme. Textured walls allow homeowners to be bold with their neutral colour choices. Geometric wall coverings are also becoming quite popular for homeowners who are not ready for a permanent wall texture.
  • Fringed Style: New modern custom homes have elegant yet restrained designs. Our home builders believe that a fringe style is a perfect complement to clean, sleek lines while giving your home a warm feel without looking odd. You can opt for fringed stools, ottomans, or throw pillows and blankets to introduce this style subtly.


While these are a few of our favourite popular design trends, you can pick the style that best suits your unique and personal tastes. Whatever trend you love, be sure to get in touch with our trusted custom home builders in Toronto at RDA Homes. We have been building custom homes for years now and we are always striving to make every project fit our client’s style and taste. Call or email us today to get started on your dream home!

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