Debunking Common Myths About Custom Homes Around Toronto

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A home designed to suit your specific needs and lifestyle seems like it can only be a dream. Make your dream a reality with our custom homes in Toronto. Our home builder’s understand the importance of reflecting a homeowner’s personality through their home.


Despite this dream being a reality, many potential homeowner’s share similar concerns about building a custom home. Often these concerns are just rumored myths about our industry. In order to placate your worry, we at RDA Homes are ready to debunk myths about building your own custom home.


At RDA Homes, we specialize in creating beautiful custom homes around Toronto that suit all of your unique needs!


  • Myth #1: Custom Homes Take Too Long to Build

When building any type of home there are a lot of factors to consider. People believe that if a home is custom it will take longer to build, however this is not correct. With technology advancing, the construction of homes is too. Constructing a custom home will not take any longer than building a regular home. Once you have decided on a design plan, the construction process of a custom home is the same as any other home. The big difference is that a custom home will have a designated builder that will follow your exact specifications when building your new home.

  • Myth #2: Design Skills Are Necessary

While this may seem true, it is not necessary to have designing experience in order to have a custom home built for you. Although it may be helpful to have experience in design, it is not necessary by any means. The only thing necessary when building a custom home is an idea of what you want your home to look like once it is complete. Our builders at RDA Homes are experts in design and construction and can help turn your vision into a beautiful reality. Our home designers will work closely alongside you to help achieve your dream home.

  • Myth #3: The Building Process Is Complicated

This myth is not true, in fact, when you are building your first home you get to make a lot of exciting and fun choices. Home builder’s take care of the tedious work while you get to pick what you want specifically for your home. Selecting what works best for you and the dream home you have in mind is the best part about constructing a custom home. At RDA Homes, we can help make the selection process easier and hassle-free by offering great options that fit your budget, taste, and time frame.

  • Myth #4: Lack of Communication

Bad communication is a result of businesses not being passionate about the services they offer. At RDA Homes, we love creating, designing, and constructing homes for our clients. When you’re building a custom home in Toronto, or around the GTA, you can trust us to keep a constant stream of communication with you. We value your opinion and input and work tirelessly to make sure you are happy with your dream home.


When you want things done right, you have to visit us at RDA Homes. Call or email us today to learn more about our services.

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