How Custom Home Builders in the GTA Can Bring Transparency Into Your Project

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As custom home builders in GTA, we find it quite a paradox when builders choose to build a home and then tell clients to ‘make it their own’. What’s the point, somebody else has already made ‘your own’ into ‘their own’. As luxury custom home builders in the GTA, we prefer to let our clients dictate their terms and conditions (“design your own”); and then we realize your dream for you. Sound simple enough.


As custom home builders in the GTA we know that key to a luxury home and a luxury home building experience is keeping our clients informed.


But transparency is not something custom home builders in the GTA are oft-thanked for; which is why we endeavor to be different in that regard. Part of our highly personalized and open service is our ethos of keeping our clients in the know. It is, after all, your home we are building. Here are some things you should be aware of when you get custom home builders in the GTA to build your new luxury home.


Start from the Ending – This may sound mundane but the first thing the very first contract must get right is when the project is considered completed. For custom home builders in the GTA, the earlier the better and the less responsibly ex post the better. But you should ensure that your contracts entreat the builder to completing the house ‘finally’ in a real world sense – i.e. ready for moving-in.


Design Decisions – When it comes to building a new home, custom home builders in the GTA will deal with many sub-contractors: from lumber to carpenters, designers and suppliers of intricate detailing. With significant lead times, much of the work has to be parallelized and sometimes decisions have to be taken on the fly – but not without you knowing about them. It is always advisable to give your builder some leeway to make the smaller decisions, but define what you consider a ‘big’ decision item to make sure you don’t end up with something you didn’t want.


Informed about Cost – Staying in the know with costs is painted as a black art by custom home builders in the GTA, though we can tell you that is only very partly true. If you and your builder are clear about costs, particularly about the ‘smaller’ things like appliances and finishes and the like, your expectation and decision making will be far closer than if you go into the project uninformed. Again, variations in day-to-day are inevitable, but having a clear understanding of where your costs are and where they should be heading is certainly no unknowable secret.

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