Learning About Common Types of Homes with Your Custom Builders in Toronto

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Homeowners and potential buyers are faced with a variety of options when selecting a new home that best suits their needs. At RDA Homes, we are the top custom builders in Toronto and across the GTA for beautiful and luxury homes. We believe it is important to understand your various options before you make a decision. We will help you decide among the various types of home that can fit your lifestyle needs.


At RDA Homes, our custom builders in Toronto want you to make an informed decision before you purchase your next home!


Here are the common types of homes to choose from in the GTA:


  • Tract Homes: These homes are found in bigger development areas or subdivisions that allow only a bit of customization, however, the designs within the area are usually the same. Typically, you have the opportunity to select from two or three different floor plans available, one or two exteriors colours, and a very limited number of interior designs. Unlike our custom builders in Toronto, tract home builders usually build a large volume of homes at the same time using the same materials. These are a few reasons why tract homes are available at a much lower cost compared to other houses on the market.
  • Spec Homes: This type of home is a home that a builder designs and puts up for purchase once it is completed. These homes are not built with any target buyer in mind. If you do see a home in midst of construction, minor changes can be made like paints, tile materials, or even countertops. However, once a home is built you have very little to no input at all on the design and floor plan. Spec homes are generally sold after they are completed.
  • Custom Homes: Out of these three options, custom homes offer you the most creative freedom and expression. Building a custom home is like partnering up with custom builders in Toronto, in order to create a floor plan and design that suits your lifestyle needs. Additionally, you become the sole decision maker when creating your own luxury custom home.



Our team at RDA Homes is dedicated to creating custom luxury homes in Toronto and across the GTA for all of our valued client’s. Every member of our team can offer expertise and professionalism like no other. Our custom builders in Toronto want to help design and construct a home that fits your unique lifestyle and needs. Call or email us today to learn more about building your new custom home.

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