Luxury Custom Home Builders in Toronto: Trendy Styles


If you want the best luxury custom home builders in Toronto, then look no further than RDA Homes. With our dedication to quality and our commitment to your satisfaction, we’ve been providing Toronto homeowners with their dream homes.


Here are some of the best styles to consider for your home when working with our luxury custom home builders in Toronto:


  • Contrasting Colours – With so many possible options, your kitchen walls and base cabinets can be a variety of colours, depending on the style you want. Using black, dark gray or dark blue colours for your lower cabinets, while the upper ones are painted with lighter colours like white, this creates a beautiful colour scheme that greatly emphasizes contrast!
  • Rich Colours and Neutrals – The trendy colours used in the interiors of Canadian homes are always constantly evolving. However, the current trend uses colours like plum purple or mustard yellow. If these colours fit your style, you should consider combining them with popular neutrals like black, white or gray.
  • Florals – While florals have visited us in the retro era, this style has made quite the comeback. The revival has currently affected beddings, curtains and other forms of linens in the house. Such designs spell beauty and tranquility for your interiors.


With a seemingly infinite amount of options available for building your home, it all comes down to your personal style and vision. When you work with us, we want to realize your dream home. So ask yourself, what does your dream home look like?


As the best luxury custom home builders in Toronto, we take great pride in our very experienced staff as well as our highly skilled housing experts. With our commitment to realizing your vision, we’re sure to give you the dream home you’ve always wanted. So call us today and let’s get started on bringing your dream home to life!

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