Professional Custom Built Homes in Toronto

Custom Built Homes in Toronto

Canadians have been increasingly renovating their homes since 2016. This is because of the sudden increase in the prices of housing in Canada as well as other factors like an unexpected increase in household debt. This is why there is a high demand for renovations and custom built homes in Toronto.


Since the housing sector has become costly, particularly in major cities, renovations and new custom built homes in Toronto provide a realistic alternative.


Most Canadians want basic maintenance for their houses. Around 38% would go for landscaping and 31% would prefer renovations for their bathrooms. More than a quarter of all homeowners also want to just make their homes look better, with 12% of them thinking increasing the value of their homes.

It is always important to have a plan when renovating or building a custom home. If you try to skip this process, you will end up spiraling bills and dozens of problems. With every renovation or build, the most important thing is thorough planning and research. To make the process much easier, you can rely on our expert advice and well-established connections in the industry.

Here is a list of things to consider when planning a house renovation or build, from the professionals at RDA:

  • Basic Preliminaries – Before deciding to go on with your project, you need to do some basic assessment and research. You should determine the location of your house, a budget and a style for the project, as well as a budget and plan for materials, labor and permits.
  • Living Spaces – You should try to consider the general plan for your home and how it will suit your lifestyle. Working with experts will help you decide the best style and layout for a custom built home in Toronto.
  • Kitchen Features –  One of the most important places in the house is the kitchen. Selecting counter and wall materials, appliances, lighting, and layout will help you make your dream kitchen.


All of these aspects can be far easier to manage with an expert by your side. At RDA, we can help you manage everything from budget costs and materials to contractors and customized design. Contact us today to learn more about custom built homes in Toronto or to request a consultation!

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