Putting the Custom in 'Custom Built Homes in Toronto'

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We have talked about incorporating luxurious touches in custom built homes in Toronto in many ways: there’s the ‘fashion approach’ of incorporating the latest design touches; the ‘architectural approach’ of going with a unique design; the highlighting approach, which focuses on one design element of the house and makes it stand, stairs, for instance; and there’s efficiency, achieved by utilizing cutting-edge building techniques and technologies to reduce your carbon footprint all the while adding a pervasive sense of luxury.


Cutting edge tech in custom built homes in Toronto is not only about bragging rights, it contributes enormously to a distinctively sustainable home.


In this latest article we’ll again take a step into the realm of building methods that have only just entered the realm of custom built homes in Toronto – and fulfill both form and function. And let’s be honest, with Toronto’s tough climate taking a toll on your house’s structure and your energy bills, there is always scope for innovation.


Tesla solar tiles

Anyone who is considering custom built homes in Toronto would do well to look at Tesla solar tiles as roofing material. As the name implies, these tiles will generate electricity under the right conditions, reducing your electricity bill. What’s more, they are billed as being much stronger than existing roof tiles, keeping your home secure during the worst of the winter weather.


Insulated concrete

Insulated concrete has been around in the construction industry for decades, but has made few waves in custom built homes in Toronto. It is essentially two layers of foam sandwiching a layer of concrete. The result is extremely effective heat and sound insulation. And a strong structure to boot.


Graphene paint

Graphene has been hailed as a wonder material – for every industry with which it has been linked. Graphene paint uptake in custom built homes in Toronto is at a very nascent stage. Its availability remains a challenge for home builders – but its potential for granting bragging rights and heat efficiency around the home are tremendous.


Composite lumber

Comprised of plastic and wood fibers in equal parts, composite lumber is an expensive but interesting option as a building material in custom built homes in Toronto. The combined material is more durable than conventional treated lumber, and has a lessened chance of accumulating rot.


At RDA Homes our aim is to provide you with your dream home and a hassle-free construction process for all of our custom built homes in Toronto. We employ experienced staff and sub-contractors for our custom homes in Toronto. RDA Homes offers a seamless experience, right from the preliminary drawings to the final inspections and warranty stages. 

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