The Key Elements of a Custom Luxury Home

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Many would associate luxury homes with mansions. This is not necessarily true because any home can provide the luxurious living experience we all want. A price tag alone does not define home luxury, but rather the elements and design that make it. If you are planning to build or renovate a home, luxury custom home builders in Toronto can help you make your investment grow.


Here are the key features that your new house could have with RDA Homes – the expert luxury custom home builders in Toronto:


Smart Technologies

One of the things that makes a living experience luxurious is the level of convenience that the home provides. This is best achieved with modern technology and interconnected systems that are easy to control, as well as equipment and appliances that are very easy to program. With smart technology you can give your home features like advanced connectivity, automatic lighting fixtures, motion sensors, security systems, automatic thermostats and even self-operating curtains.


Indoor and Outdoor

One of the hottest luxury trends is bringing the inside out, or blending indoor and outdoor living spaces together. The illusion of an outdoor kitchen, for example, can be accomplished with lots of light, open spaces, bright colors and a full set of equipment and appliances.


High-end Kitchen

What makes modern kitchens the most luxurious part of a homes is when function, style, and luxury are all integrated in one room. They are spacious, bright and can make culinary creations more fun and easy. You can use exotic materials, rich tones and bold textures to bring everything together in a dazzling gourmet kitchen.


Room for a Royal Bath

A luxury bathroom means relaxation, comfort, and beauty are all achieved to give you a spa environment. It serves as a perfect antidote to busy modern life. With RDA, you can adapt saunas, bath and shower. Complete with soothing light, beveled mirrors and alcove walls, your bathroom can be a real sanctuary.


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