Tips and Tricks For Upping Your Kitchen Quotient With Custom Homes In Toronto


Custom homes in Toronto, whether occupied by a family with young children, busy working professionals or those looking for a luxurious place to wind down, have always had one thing in common. The kitchen is or has become the centerpiece of the home and one of the most important parts of the house.


From custom finishes, unique and user-friendly design touches and, of course, kitting it out with tech, custom homes in Toronto can fulfill every wish you ever had for your ideal kitchen.


It is why people devote so much time and attention to getting their kitchen design right, more so than virtually any other aspect of the house. And with good reason too: it is the place where friends and family congregate; food and drink are essential parts of human life and the kitchen is where all the action happens; cooking is a significant time-consuming activity, as is the washing up, which is why there is a great deal of emphasis on getting time and effort saving accoutrements for kitchens in custom homes in Toronto.

In this post we introduce some interesting design choices that you can make when designing and building custom homes in Toronto. Not just distinctive aesthetic appeal, these will aid the user-friendliness of your space too.


A dash of color – Yes, pristine black or white tabletops and stainless steel appliances have been the rage in the luxury homes segment, but custom homes in Toronto are not designed to follow, but lead. Adding some color – tastefully, of course – to cabinets, worktops and enclosures can lend an incredible ambience. More than that, pleasing tones can make for a more soothing space, or one which better fits how you would like to use your kitchen.


Creative storage – Storage doesn’t have to mean aesthetically pleasing but, ultimately, dull cabinets. With wine racks drawers, spice racks and tray dividers, custom homes in Toronto can incorporate a great deal of handy storage to make your cooking and hosting a much neater and easier affair.


Everything and the kitchen sink – The kitchen sink will become the veritable watering hole of custom homes in Toronto. Which is why, as custom builders, we offer a wide range of kitchen sinks. From varying in size, style to utilities, get the kitchen sink most suited to the way you work. What’s more, a number of accessories can make kitchen sinks and faucets far more versatile.


Tech it – In this day and age, custom homes in Toronto would be woefully incomplete if we didn’t talk about technology. Be it watching videos, listening to music, reading the news, finding recipes, talking to your friends and family over the internet or upping your social media game, custom homes in Toronto can incorporate a number of cutting-edge technologies into your kitchen. Discreet speakers, appliance automation, blind and heat controls, and control screens to tie it all together can be incorporated neatly and in a bespoke manner into your home.

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