Tips on Designing a New Custom House in Toronto


There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your dream custom house in Toronto rise the way you planned. However, designing a new home involves a lot of decision making and one big decision is choosing the perfect floor plan and design that best suits your family’s lifestyle. This is easier said than done when faced with countless options every day, it may be difficult to decide on one design that you’ll love in the end.

Here are a few tips on designing a custom house in Toronto made specially for you!

Tip #1: Identifying what you love about your current home

Note down the qualities you like the most in your current home so you can incorporate them to the floor plan of your new home. Keep in mind where you tend to spend most of your time in your home with your family. Additionally, note the aspects, both good and bad, of this current floor plan that make that area in your home your main gathering place. It might be the kitchen where the kids do their homework, or it can be the den where you watch the news together. This is where you will put an extra thought when planning for your new custom house in Toronto.

Tip #2: Deciding on concepts

The term concept in the world of building homes refers to either a closed or open concept floor plan. A closed concept floor plan offers more privacy with the home, giving you dedicated areas for different rooms. This is an ideal choice if you work from home and need a quiet, isolated office space to get work done when there are kids running around your house. On the other hand, open floor plans do not have many doors and walls on the first floor. This setup allows for luminosity while creating a smoother flow and added accessibility within your home. Allowing your family feel more connected even if they’re in an adjacent room. You need to determine which of these qualities weighs more important to you in your new custom house in Toronto and designing gets easier.   

Tip #3: The details of what your home really needs

Once you have decided on a bigger picture, it’s time to figure out the details. This means identifying what your home actually needs and how much of it you can afford. Having a clear budget in mind to gives your builder an idea of what that they can help you with. Setting priorities of your needs over wants will help you stick to your budget. As your custom builder, RDA Homes can help you find ways to get the things you can’t live without as well as the wants you desire, all covered within your budget. Just have a clear picture of the custom house in Toronto you want and we’ll help you realize it. 

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