Top 5 Exciting Features of 2018 Design World - Home Builders in Toronto


Every year, designers and enthusiasts alike from all over the world gather at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. This is an event where t the latest trends in designs and innovations are on display. The theme for this year’s show is “Future Forward”, which is just perfect to envision how design will influence the way people live. The trends that are shaping the industry will also be showcased to provide helpful insights for new homeowners and home builders in Toronto, to inspire those who are planning to build or renovate their new home. 2018 is a promising year for cutting-edge innovations, from flooring design to ceiling fixtures.


In case you missed it, here are a few of those exciting features that will dominate this year’s design world, from the expert home builders in Toronto, RDA Homes!


Marriage of contemporary design and craftsmanship

This is perhaps the most interesting trend that home builders in Toronto will encounter this year. Modern curves added to soften the sharp, clean lines of contemporary spaces. Wood items and furniture are more sleek and sophisticated in style than many others, while still highlighting distinctive, artistic shapes and detailed artisanship.


Ruggedness is becoming more refined

One trend that is beginning to find its way into a lot of homes is a rugged mixed stone and unconventional materials. A perfect example of some of these unconventional choices that have become popular among new homeowners is a concrete countertop. 


Accessorizing is taking the center-stage  

Good design and the right details can make a room, or your entire home, standout. You can make a statement with details from lighting to hardware that are immediately captivating to the eyes. Modern accessorizing also draws inspiration from jewelry and sculpture, such as geometric patterns and metal detailing.


Canadian style

Canadian design is an appreciation of a rationalist and minimalist style, favoring restraint rather than excess, and respects both craftsmanship and function. It brings out trends of the modern day living, encourages handcrafted hardwood and highlights affordable home furnishings.

Toronto’s design, taste and innovation captures a global audience with its uniqueness, modernity, and sensibility. With certified and reputable home builders in Toronto like RDA Homes, you can make your dream home a reality. Contact us today to learn more or to request a consultation with one of our experts.       

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