Top Trends in Landscaping Discussed by Home Builders In Toronto

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As home builders in Toronto we have been witness to the trend of the shrinking lawns and gardens in the city. For the longest time, homeowners have opted for bigger houses over lush green spaces. Fortunately, that trend has seen a reversal recently. The importance and benefits of a garden have been realized and homeowners have started to invest in gardens in a big way.


Home builders in Toronto are increasingly getting requests for landscaping. We look at a few trends that are capturing homeowners’ imganations.


Landscaping is a broad term. It can mean, simply, altering the existing appearance of a yard or garden whether by planting trees and shrubs; or it can entail a much greater ‘reconfiguring’ of the space, including changing its layout altogether, adding water features, undulations, seating and much more. Home builders in Toronto can offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to landscaping. In this article we look at a few trends that are becoming popular with homeowners.


Maximising space

This is one trend that has pervaded virtually all landscaping projects. Home builders in Toronto are asked to maximize lawn space. Instead of adding sheds, patios and other obstructions, there has been a demand for maximizing green coverage. This means grass, flowerbeds and trees.


Water feature

The water feature is a fantasy for many homeowners; and why not. It adds a touch of style while providing a soothing ambience. Water features come in so many shapes and sizes, and choice so subjective, it is very difficult for home builders in Toronto to make recommendations on which is best. Which is why we are equipped to handle all types of water feature installations.



If the Earth is not flat why must your garden be. With enough space, lawns can be made to incorporate rolling undulations. These really make your green space unique, providing a nice break in the expanse and giving children hours of fun! And not just for children, such landscaping can offer interesting options for seating and outdoor activities.



Outdoor seating is another popular option homeowners choose to invest in. Using earthy materials like wood and stone for seating and tables help blend the whole ensemble cohesively with the garden. It makes a great place to entertain guests, eat outdoors and is a great place to congregate.


Bringing the greenery inside

Less of a mainstream trend right now, but certainly one that is being appreciated more and more, is 'bring the outside into the house'. Be it a simple potted plant or an elaborate plant wall, home builders in Toronto are increasingly getting requests to ensure house plants can be grown and maintained easily.

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