Toronto Luxury Home Builders: 4 Key Features Your Custom Built Home Needs


Most homeowners and buyers are searching for a home that provides the ultimate lifestyle. However, often it is hard to find a home that fulfills all your unique needs without sacrificing quality. Toronto luxury home builders are creating amazing homes with amenities and features that cater to exceptional and luxurious lifestyles.

Across Toronto, our luxury home builders are creating lavish and extraordinary dream homes.

Here are the four key features of a modern luxury homes:

  • Indoor Living Room Outdoors: Having a backyard is a luxury if you live in the city. The “indoor in an outdoor” living feature becomes possible with floor to ceiling sliding doors that open into your backyard. Toronto luxury home builders can add sustainable elements such as permeable paving as a nice touch.
  • Smarter Homes: Smart home technology is the most in-demand feature of luxury homes. It allows homeowners to control everything in their home via a smartphone device regardless of where they are. Be it controlling appliances from afar or ensuring that no burglars get inside the house, you will have a total peace of mind knowing that you still got your house under control even if you’re out of the city or country.
  • Entertainment and Fitness: One increasing trend among homeowners is that they don’t need to leave their homes to experience amazing entertainment with luxurious movie and gaming rooms. In addition, more homes are being built with in-home gyms for the convenience of not having to leave home for a good workout. Home builders have also witnessed a trend of amenities being built indoors, like pools, for round year usage.
  • A Spa Bathroom: After a long day at work, nothing is more tempting than a trip to the spa, so why not have one in your home? This recreates the lifestyle that is associated with a resort and hotel. A spa-like bathroom features a rain shower, steam shower, huge tubs, heated toilet seats, heated floors, and more. Adding a skylight and fireplace will complete the spa experience in your bathroom.

As your Toronto luxury home builders, we understand that finding a home that offers these amenities is hard to find. That is why at RDA Homes, we build your homes from the ground up, ensuring you get your dream home. Call or email us today to start working on your ideal custom home.

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