Toronto Luxury Home Builders and Interior Design


When it comes to planning, designing, and building a home, many people automatically think of the exterior of the house. However, arguably the most important part of a home is the interior because it’s the place you will spend the most time in! So when you need help with interior design, trust RDA Homes. We’re your Toronto luxury home builders!

In Toronto, luxury home builders are plenty. There are many luxury home builders in Toronto and the greater area. When you’re choosing a home builder, you need one that understands both your creative vision, and how to realize it. At RDA Homes, we provide many interior design services that seek to realize your home interior vision.


These reasons are only three of the many interior design services that RDA Homes, your Toronto luxury home builders, can provide for you!


Space Planning

A house’s interior is filled with spaces that can serve any number of purposes. You have your essentials: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Then you have your non-essentials: lounge, bar, game room, pantry, etc. When designing your interior, you need to consider what spaces will provide what function, and how each space will be placed in relation to each other. We at RDA Homes have the skills to help you do this!

Electrical and Lighting

Interior design includes everything within the interior of the house, even the interior of the walls. When you’re designing the interior of your yet-to-be-built custom luxury home, you need professional expertise to help you plan out the electrical layout of your home.


When planning out both the spaces of the interior and the electrical layouts, you must first design the plans for the entire interior. This includes everything from the purposes of each space of the interior and the full electrical layout of lighting and outlets, to the specification and coordination of interior finishes, details, and trim.

At RDA Homes, we have the skill, the experience, and the expertise to fully realize your creative vision from all aspects of your home building process. We’ll help you plan out each space, the electrical layout of your home, your interior finishes, and every detail because we strive to be your Toronto luxury home builders. Contact us today and get started on your custom home building project!

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