Trendy Ideas for Custom Home Builders in the GTA


Toronto, with its bustling streets and beautifully rich atmosphere, is where many people call home. This city and its Greater Area is a wonderful place to live. When homeowners, aspiring or not, want to settle down in Toronto, they need custom home builders in the GTA to help realize their home vision.


If you’re thinking about building a home, here are three trendy ideas to suggest to your custom home builders in the GTA:


  • Colorful Kitchen – While the options are endless, many homeowners opt for cabinets that utilize strong neutral colours like black, dark blue and dark gray, while the upper cabinets are of a lighter colour like light gray or even white.
  • Rich Colors for Accents – The colors that are typically used for accents in homes are constantly changing. However, the current trend for these accents include rich colours like mustard yellow and plum purple. These colours blend excellently with neutrals like white, black or gray.
  • The Return of Florals – It was decades ago when floral prints were seen in everything. However, now they are currently making a comeback in beddings, curtains and nearly everything!


These three ideas are just some of the near-endless possibilities to choose from for your future home. The best custom home builders in the GTA should work with you to help bring your dream home to life. This is your dream home after all; you need to work with a company that understands this and strives to give you the home you’ve always wanted.


At RDA Homes, we give our clients maximum satisfaction with our hassle-free construction process. We work hard to provide you with beautiful and luxurious homes. We are custom home builders in the GTA who understand your every need. With our experienced staff as well as our highly skilled sub-contractors, we’re certain that we can give you the best possible service. So if you need help building a home, you know who to call!

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