Working With Custom Builders in Toronto – What You Should Know

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As custom builders of Toronto homes, we strive to give each and every client the home and the experience they will cherish for life. Rely on our expertise in the luxury home building market to get you the best results.


However, a crucial aspect of working with custom builders in Toronto on your dream home is to chalk out some of the points below before the commencement of the project. These will bring clarity about your expectations and can prove vital during the project.


When working with custom builders of Toronto homes, certainty in scope of the project and responsibilities will greatly elevate your experience.


Scope of Project – Knowing the scope of the project at the outset is key for custom builders in Toronto, as well as for the homeowner. A project that is well defined will be easier to project cost estimates for, assess build times for and more, from the perspective of the builder. The homeowner too will be able to match financial resources to the scope of the project, and tailor the project as needed.


Point of contact – Homeowners generally tend to prefer one point of contact when interacting with custom builders of Toronto homes. Having a focal point of contact who can deal with contractors and liaise with the client ensures a more hassle-free process. Typically, this person will apprise the buyer of any major developments, but keep the project moving, with years of experience under their belt.


Project management – Custom builders in Toronto are best placed to manage the building of your home. How many workers to have on-site at a given time, how to prioritize work, and how best to communicate the requirements of the buyer are best left to the project manager.


Be specific – Working with custom builders in Toronto gives buyers the freedom to express themselves in the major architectural design of the house as well as more minor artistic flourishes. A luxury custom home is designed with exclusivity in mind, and buyers should convey their demands wholly.


Building contract – The building contract is the document governing the relationship between the buyer and custom builders in Toronto. It will account for the services to be provided by the builder, but also incorporate clauses about specific bespoke items. Ensure that the condition, suitability and finish for the high priority items are covered in the contract. Moreover, this contract will also consider contingencies and possibilities.


As custom builders of Toronto homes, at RDA Homes our aim is to provide you with your dream home and a hassle-free construction process. We employ experienced staff and sub-contractors for our custom homes in Toronto. RDA Homes offers a seamless experience, right from the preliminary drawings to the final inspections and warranty stages.


RDA Homes specializes in luxury home design and construction. Our home builders take a very personal approach to building your home, and will walk you through every step of the construction process.

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