Your Budget and Building a Custom House in Toronto


There are a great many challenges to consider surrounding the construction or renovation of a custom house. In Toronto, RDA Homes Custom Builders encounters different concerns and issues from clients with every unique project that comes our way. Of course, taking an idea as grand as a literal home and translating it into a practical design carries a great many challenges, and there is certainly a lot to consider throughout the process, both for our customers and for our team.

The number one question we usually encounter is about the cost of the whole project; naturally, budgetary concerns typically inform the type of work we are capable of doing. There are a lot of things that contribute to the cost of the home. At RDA Homes, when we design a custom house, and in Toronto especially, we work with the idea of a cost-efficient service.

The intended size of the home has a big impact on its cost, and this makes size another very important consideration. Of course, a larger home means that more of your unique ideas can become a part of its reality, which is an exciting opportunity in every custom house! In Toronto, of course, the cost of larger homes can go a long way towards exceeding a careful budget, so you will want to think carefully about this element of the home you’d want us to design for you.  

Of course, customizing your home means that these options are largely in your control. You can choose, for instance, to work with cheaper materials and with less space if it accommodates your budget – and our team is more than qualified to advise you on the best way to balance cost, practicality, and what you want to see in the end result. If you’re at all interested in this process, feel free to contact us any time!


A custom home in Toronto can be daunting to consider, but we are here to help!

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